Q: Why are you doing this?

A: We do this for our VoIP telephone system customers. Our VoIP Telephone Systems are only as good as the underlying Internet. Yet, we never tell our customers to call (blame) their Internet provider, we do that! Non customers that help us to monitor the coax cable plant near our customers benefit when we fix the “cable neighborhood”.

Q: What is the #1 issue with Comcast Internet.

A; We believe it is noise ingress into the coax cable plant from the customer premise. It could come from your neighbor with a crappy or hacked coax connection. Business Internet customers near a residential neighborhood with many rental properties or apartments have the worse Internet. This is a short answer. It’s more complex but the basic truth.

Q: Are you associated with Comcast?

A: No. We are independent consultants. We have no business relationship with Comcast beyond being both a Comcast fiber Internet and a Comcast coax cable Internet customer.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Nothing if you are a business customer of ours OR their business neighbor. See our cost page.

Q:Why can’t the cable company do this?

A:They can and do. Just not always and not on your schedule.

Q: How can you do this any better than the cable company?

A: We can’t do this any better than Comcast does this internally. But, they don’t report to you, we do. Plus, the data we collect across the region is huge and data is wonderful and powerful!

Q: Does anyone else do this?

A: www.downdetector.com (DD) uses social media to detect trends. We monitor Internet connectivity.  We use DD as a cross check on large issues.